Visit the Périgord

Welcome to Périgord, an emblematic region of south-west France, where history, culture and gastronomy combine to offer a unique and unforgettable experience…


A journey to the heart of tradition

The Dordogne, which flows majestically through the region, offers breathtaking scenery, with its tree-lined banks, limestone cliffs and picturesque hilltop villages. Take a canoe or kayak trip along its peaceful waters, explore its caves adorned with prehistoric cave paintings, or simply soak up the tranquillity of its lush green banks.

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Discover an exceptional historical heritage

Explore the vestiges of the past by visiting the many medieval châteaux that dot the Périgord landscape. Château de Beynac, perched on a cliff overlooking the Dordogne, is one of the most impressive in the region. Built in the 12th century, it offers uninterrupted views over the valley and bears witness to the turbulent history of the region. Take a tour of its magnificently restored rooms, admire its imposing ramparts and immerse yourself in the medieval atmosphere that still reigns here today.


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Château de Beynac


Marvel at Château de Beynac


Explore the Dordogne valley

The Périgord is also renowned for its unspoilt landscapes and lush countryside. The Dordogne Valley offers miles of hiking trails through a variety of landscapes, from craggy cliffs to verdant forests and sun-drenched fields of sunflowers. Explore the region’s spectacular caves, such as the Grottes de Lascaux, famous for their prehistoric cave paintings, or the Grottes de Padirac, with their huge caverns and underground rivers. With its many nature parks, bird sanctuaries and open-air swimming spots, the Dordogne Valley offers a multitude of activities for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts.


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Savour authentic cuisine

Périgord is also a top gastronomic destination, renowned for its truffles, foies gras, confits and famous wines. The region’s markets are packed with fresh produce and local specialities, from black truffles and porcini mushrooms to duck breast and goat’s cheese. Stroll through the colourful stalls of the Sarlat market, sample the local produce and let yourself be guided by the advice of passionate producers. For an even more authentic experience, head to one of the many farm inns in the region, where you can sample traditional dishes prepared with fresh, seasonal ingredients.


Sarlat market  




Taste the delights of the Sarlat market


Immerse yourself in the local culture

Soak up the authentic atmosphere of the medieval villages dotted around the region. Lose yourself in the cobbled streets of Sarlat, with its half-timbered houses and Gothic churches, or admire the picturesque architecture of Rocamadour, clinging to the side of a cliff. Each village has its own charm and unique story to tell. Explore the local markets, discover traditional crafts and sample the region’s culinary specialities. With festivals, concerts and cultural events throughout the year, the Périgord is a lively destination where history and tradition are passionately celebrated.


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Book your adventure in Périgord

Get ready for an unforgettable adventure in the heart of Périgord. Book your stay now and immerse yourself in a world of tradition, history and gastronomy. Whether you’re with your family, as a couple or with friends, the Périgord has magical moments and unforgettable memories in store for you. Welcome to the Périgord, where every moment is a discovery and every landscape is a treasure to be explored.


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Window on the prehistoric past

Caves of Lascaux: Exceptional prehistoric testimony

Discover a unique prehistoric treasure in the heart of Périgord: the famous Lascaux caves. Home to cave paintings dating back more than 17,000 years, these caves are an exceptional testimony to prehistoric cave art. Admire the fascinating representations of animals, hunters and scenes of daily life that adorn the walls of the caves, bearing witness to the artistic talent and spirituality of the region’s first inhabitants. Faithful reproductions of the caves allow you to immerse yourself in this fascinating world and relive the wonder of the discoverers who brought this archaeological treasure to light. A must-see for all lovers of history and culture.


The LAscaux cave