Saint-Astier, an enchanted interlude in the heart of Périgord

Welcome to Saint Astier, a haven of peace nestling in the heart of the Périgord, where picturesque charm mingles with a gentle way of life. Explore its quiet lanes, discover its rich architectural heritage and immerse yourself in an authentic atmosphere where nature, culture and conviviality take pride of place.

Explore our historical heritage

Start your visit by discovering the church of Saint Astier, an emblematic building that dominates the town with its majestic silhouette.

Admire its remarkable architecture, colourful stained glass windows and peaceful atmosphere that invite you to contemplate.

Continue your exploration by strolling through the streets of the town centre, where you’ll discover charming stone houses, ancient fountains and shady squares that bear witness to the town’s rich past.


Église de Saint Astier

© Père Igor

rivière Isle

© Père Igor


Enjoy the surrounding countryside

Savour the natural beauty that surrounds Saint Astier as you stroll along the banks of the Isle or explore the footpaths that wind through the surrounding countryside.

Admire the lush green landscapes, breathe in the fresh country air and take in the tranquillity.

You can also take advantage of the many outdoor activities available nearby, such as canoeing, fishing and cycling, for a total immersion in nature.


Let yourself be seduced by the delights of the local gastronomy...

Taste the flavours of the region

Explore the Saint Astier market, where local producers offer a wide variety of fresh produce and regional specialities.

Taste goat’s cheese, duck confit, seasonal fruit and vegetables, and indulge in the sweet treats that will tantalise your taste buds.

Finish your visit with a meal in one of the town’s many restaurants, where you can sample traditional dishes revisited with talent by local chefs.


gastronomie locale


terrasse de café

© @alisaanton


Enjoy moments of conviviality

Take part in the lively life of Saint Astier by attending the many events and festivities that punctuate local life throughout the year.

Take in an open-air concert in the main square, browse the craft markets for unique souvenirs or join the locals in celebrating local traditions at festivals and cultural events.

Soak up the warm and friendly atmosphere in Saint Astier and let yourself be carried away by the magic of the moment.


Embark on an enchanted getaway to Saint Astier

Plan your stay in Saint Astier

Discover a city where authenticity, simplicity and conviviality are the order of the day. Book your stay now and immerse yourself in a world where time seems suspended, where every moment is a discovery and every encounter an invitation to marvel. Welcome to Saint Astier, the pearl of Périgord, where every visit is a promise of happiness and serenity.