Périgueux, City of Art and History

Welcome to Périgueux, a city steeped in history and charm, nestling in the heart of the Périgord region. Explore its cobbled streets, lively squares and rich architectural heritage, and immerse yourself in an atmosphere that is both authentic and dynamic, making it a must-see destination for travellers in search of new discoveries.

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Saint-Front Cathedral

Start your exploration at the majestic Saint-Front cathedral, a masterpiece of Romanesque architecture that dominates the city’s historic centre.

Admire its characteristic domes, slender towers and peaceful cloister, witnesses to the art and spirituality that have marked the history of Périgueux.

Don’t miss a visit to the Mataguerre Tower, a vestige of the town’s medieval fortifications, and the Périgord Museum of Art and Archaeology, which houses a rich collection of works of art and archaeological objects.


Dive into Gallo-Roman history

Continue your journey back in time by exploring the remains of antiquity at the Vesunna museum.

Built around the ruins of a Gallo-Roman villa, this museum offers a fascinating insight into daily life in the ancient city of Vesunna, with its colourful mosaics, handicrafts and domestic tools.

After your visit, take a stroll through the gardens of the Gallo-Roman villa in Périgueux, where you can admire the architectural remains and enjoy a panoramic view of the city.


Musée Vesunna

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Explore an exceptional architectural heritage

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Savour authentic cuisine

Let yourself be tempted by the delights of Périgord gastronomy by exploring the Périgueux market.

Every Wednesday and Saturday, the colourful stalls overflow with fresh produce and local specialities, from goat’s cheese and truffles to duck confit and seasonal fruit.

Taste the authentic flavours of the region and feast on quality produce, before sitting down in one of the town’s many restaurants to enjoy traditional dishes revisited by local chefs.


Immerse yourself in cultural life

Soak up the cultural atmosphere of Périgueux by attending a show at the Périgueux theatre.

Housed in a magnificent 18th-century building, this Italian-style theatre offers a varied programme, from classical theatre to contemporary dance, concerts and shows for young audiences.

Attend a performance and let yourself be transported by the magic of live entertainment.



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Explore Périgueux and the surrounding area: an adventure in the heart of Périgord

Prepare your stay in Périgueux

Embark on an unforgettable adventure in and around Périgueux, where every street, every monument and every landscape tells a story. Book your stay now and immerse yourself in a world where past and present come together to offer an extraordinary experience. Welcome to Périgueux, where every moment is a discovery and every visit an invitation to marvel.