L’Isle riverside campsite

Our campsite is located on the banks of L’Isle

Welcome to our campsite in Saint Astier, nestling in the heart of a region blessed by the tranquil waters of the Isle, offering a multitude of water-based activities for nature lovers and adventurers alike. Explore in detail below the pleasures of fishing, swimming and kayaking along this picturesque river !


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Swimming in the river

The banks of the Isle : Lined with majestic trees and lush vegetation, the banks of the Isle invite you to contemplate and relax. Walk along the shady banks, breathe in the fresh air and let yourself be enchanted by the soothing symphony of murmuring water and birdsong. Find your corner of paradise on a soft sandy beach or on a smooth pebble bank, and prepare to plunge into an oasis of freshness.

Crystal-clear waters : L’Isle takes its name from the clear, limpid waters that flow through it, offering bathers an incomparable swimming experience. Let yourself be enveloped by the gentle caress of the water, feel its invigorating freshness envelop your body and let your worries melt away with the currents. Whether you prefer to swim vigorously in the deep waters or float peacefully on the surface, the crystal-clear waters of the Isle promise you an unforgettable aquatic experience.

Abundant flora and fauna : Diving into the waters of the Isle brings you into contact with a rich and diverse ecosystem. Watch the fish glide gracefully beneath the surface, admire the dragonflies dancing above the water and listen to the song of the frogs along the banks. The Isle is home to a variety of aquatic and terrestrial plants, creating an enchanting landscape where nature reigns supreme.

A refuge for everyone : Whether you’re a keen swimmer, a lover of water games or simply looking for a peaceful place to cool off, the Isle offers a haven for all water lovers. Families can share happy moments wading in the shallow waters, while the adventurous can dive into the depths of the river in search of aquatic adventures.

An unforgettable experience : Swimming in the Isle creates memories that will last a lifetime. Whether sharing a laugh with friends, exploring the hidden corners of the river or simply relaxing in the sun, every moment spent in the refreshing waters of the Isle is a celebration of life and nature.

Fishing on the Isle

Peaceful dawn on the banks of the Isle : Immerse yourself in a spellbinding atmosphere as the first rays of sunlight illuminate the calm banks of the Isle, inviting anglers to join its tranquil waters for an unforgettable morning experience. The air is permeated with tranquillity and promise as you set up your fishing tackle at the water’s edge, ready to face the challenges and capture the beauty of the surrounding nature.

Fish diversity : The waters of the Isle are home to a multitude of aquatic treasures, from fario trout and carp to pike and roach. Each species offers its own challenge, attracting anglers of all abilities to test their skills and patience. Whether you’re looking for an intense battle with a hardy predator or more relaxed waterside fishing, the Isle offers a diversity to suit all tastes.

Challenge for all : Fishing on the Isle is much more than just an activity, it’s a real journey through magnificent scenery and varied emotions. Whether you prefer to fish from the shore, waiting patiently for your line to quiver, or get into a boat to explore the most secret corners of the river, the Isle offers endless possibilities for creating unforgettable memories. It’s a challenge for all anglers, novice or expert, offering a rewarding experience that goes beyond simply catching fish.

Back to nature : After an action-packed day on the Isle, return to your camp with a head full of memories and a light heart. Fishing on the Isle offers much more than impressive catches – it’s an opportunity to connect with nature, find your inner calm and savour every moment spent by the water. Whether you’re alone with your thoughts or surrounded by fellow anglers, the Isle offers a haven from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, where time seems to stand still and magic happens.


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Canoeing and Kayaking

Exploring the meanders of the Isle : Embark on an epic adventure along the crystal-clear waters of the Isle, discovering the hidden secrets of this majestic river as you paddle. Whether you’re a kayaker or canoeist, the Isle offers a captivating playground, with its winding meanders, gentle rapids and breathtaking natural scenery.

Paddling through natural beauty : Discover the natural splendour that surrounds the Isle as you paddle through its tranquil waters. Admire the lush forests that line its banks, watch the majestic birds that fly over its waters and marvel at the biodiversity that inhabits this unspoilt region of the Périgord.

Adventure for all levels : Whether you’re a novice or an expert navigator, the Isle offers challenges to suit all skill levels. Test your skills by navigating through the rapids and eddies, or take your time exploring the hidden coves and secluded islands that dot the river. With a variety of routes and levels of difficulty to choose from, the Isle promises a unique adventure for every paddler.

A moment of relaxation and pleasure : Canoeing along the Isle is much more than just a sporting activity – it’s a relaxing and enjoyable experience in the heart of nature. Let yourself be carried away by the gentle murmur of the river as you glide along its calm waters, or stop for a picnic on a secluded beach and cool off in its clear waters. Whether you’re looking for an adrenaline rush or just a quiet getaway, the Isle offers an unforgettable adventure for everyone.

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