Sarlat-la-Caneda, Medieval charm in the heart of Périgord

Welcome to Sarlat, a town of medieval charm that perfectly embodies the essence of Périgord. Nestling in the heart of a picturesque landscape, Sarlat’s charm lies in its well-preserved architecture, cobbled streets and warm atmosphere. Explore its historical treasures, sample its gastronomic specialities and immerse yourself in a spellbinding atmosphere where past and present meet to offer a unique experience.


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Immerse yourself in medieval history

Start your visit with a stroll through Sarlat’s historic centre, where every street and every building tells a story.

Admire the perfectly preserved half-timbered houses, shady squares and centuries-old churches that bear witness to the town’s rich past.

Don’t miss the magnificent Place de la Liberté, the beating heart of Sarlat, where lively markets, festivals and cultural events are held throughout the year.


Explore the architectural treasures

Discover Sarlat’s architectural treasures by visiting the Cathédrale Saint-Sacerdos, a masterpiece of Gothic architecture that dominates the town with its imposing silhouette.

Inside, admire the colourful stained glass windows, sculpted stalls and ornate chapels that bear witness to the splendour of sacred art.

Continue your exploration by walking along the town’s medieval ramparts, which offer panoramic views over the rooftops of Sarlat and the surrounding countryside.


Cathédrale Saint-Sacerdos

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Savour gourmet cuisine

Let yourself be seduced by the delights of Sarlat’s gastronomy by exploring the Sarlat market.

Renowned as one of the most beautiful markets in France, this colourful market is packed with local produce, regional specialities and artisanal products to delight the taste buds of gourmets.

Taste the truffles, foies gras, duck confits and cheeses of the region, and let yourself be carried away by the authentic flavours of Périgord.


Immerse yourself in an enchanting atmosphere

In the evening, let yourself be enchanted by the magical atmosphere of Sarlat, when the narrow streets are lit up and the facades of the buildings are adorned with golden lights.

Stroll along the banks of the Dordogne, take in an open-air concert on the Place de la Liberté or enjoy a glass of wine in one of the town’s many cafés and restaurants.

Soak up the festive and friendly atmosphere in Sarlat and let yourself be carried away by the gentle way of life in Périgord.


Soirée à Sarlat

© Luc Viatour


Sarlat Périgord

© Diego Martinez


Plan your stay in Sarlat

Embark on an unforgettable getaway to Sarlat and discover a town where history, culture and gastronomy come together to offer an extraordinary experience.

Book your stay now and immerse yourself in a world where time seems suspended, where every moment is a discovery and every visit an invitation to marvel.

Welcome to Sarlat, the medieval jewel of Périgord, where the past meets the present to create unforgettable memories.